Sunday, March 16, 2014

Next MI Chicken Coop Tour - JULY 2015!

The July 2013 tour was a great success with between 350 and 400 people! Thanks to all who participated!

If you live in Monmouth or Independence and want to be a coop host on the tour - contact and I will send you an application form.  

Being a coop host is free! The job of a coop host is a special one.  Each host provides experiential education about raising backyard hens by opening up their backyard and sharing their experience with ticket holders.  For many coop hosts, the tour date is a good excuse to get backyard projects done. Being a coop host is a great way to share your passion for our special pets with benefits and spread the love for backyard chickens.  Thank you for considering serving as a coop host.  

MI Coop Tour sponsors!  We welcome sponsors to the tour - contact if you would like information.  

Sponsors can choice their ad size for the beautiful color self guided tour book. Depending on the contribution level your logo and link to your website can appear on the web site, as well.   In kind sponsors are also needed for supplies for the tour.  Free free to contact to discuss your unique ideas!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

M-I Coop Tour last minute updates!

One weekend - two great events

M-I Chicken Coop Tour 
Sunday July 14, 2013  10 am to 4 pm
Free Hen Keeping Class
Saturday July 13, 2013 11 am

A great place to start the tour is at the home coop. Here you will get the lay of the land and obtain tour updates. 

Same-day ticket will be on sale for $6.oo per vehicle. 

Home Coop:  xxxxxxxxxxxxx (event is now past)

Optional:  Bring an ice box on the tour. There is a roadside egg stand between Coop #3 and #4, and Coop #8 sells lovely dark brown eggs.  Coop #3 may also offer some goodies.  

At the Home Coop you can enter a free drawing for one of two prizes:

  • One year chicken magazine subscription
  • Your very own Coop Tour Lawn sign ----->
Whoops - we have one address correction - make sure to get the correct house number for Coop #4

Get a copy of a detailed map for Coop #8

Ask questions and read about local chicken laws for Dallas, Monmouth, Independence and Salem.

Attend a beak and nail trimming demonstration provided by Rosa Calabrese and her hens Spot and Ophelia. Meet these stars of Polk County! 

Ask questions - as many as you want. 

Look at a coop or two built here in Polk County!

Sign up for Monmouth updates - If you live in Monmouth - be sure to sign up for updates about our sunset Chicken law.  We may need to lobby City Hall once again!  The law is due to expire in July 2014! 

Visit with our generous Home Coop Hosts and met their "girls":  Pearl, Marigold and Coco. This is the place to be!

Look at chicken supplies and chicken books.

Meet author Gretchen Anderson, "The Backyard Chicken Fight". Gretchen is a national spokesperson for backyard hens and offers a wealth of information. 
and meet author Joy Mazeikas, "Egg Song" our own local author!

Books will be available for purchase. 

Wait there is more! Each coop on the tour offers something unique and special. 
  • Met an wonderful Independence family with a coop constructed from a $20 shed and a free dog run - an economical approach for a handy person. There is something very special inside this coop.
  • Explore a artful coop located on a beautiful property just outside of Monmouth. This is the coop that was pictured in the newspaper.
  • Met a Monmouth family who has a chicken tractor in a beautiful urban backyard setting. 
  • Visit a small farmer who responsibility raises meat birds. Lean about this humane practice of raising local grown meat birds. Equipment will be on display! 
  • One Independence coop host illustrates a urban setting that combines, creative ideas, chickens and gardens. A great lesson about moving closer to the natural food cycle. 
  • In Monmouth you will visit a backyard with a big beautiful run that was built of panels. An approach I dream about.   
  • We have a jewel of a location on this tour.  A display nursery with a flock of hens that lay beautiful rich colored eggs. If you like plants and chickens - this is the place to be! 
Many of the coop hosts will offer educational opportunities.  This is your time to ask questions and share information. Find out why hens are moving into backyards everywhere. Celebrate sustainability! 

Be sure to read the following article for details about the tour, where to get tickets, and the Free Hen Keeping Class on Saturday July 14 provided by author, Gretchen Andersen. Don't miss out on this one!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Join the M-I Coop Tour on Sunday July 14, 2013 10 am - 2 pm

"Coop Tours are a celebration of the culture of sustainability growing in America's backyards." M-I Chicken Revolution 2013

The M-I Chicken Coop Tour celebrates the Monmouth-Independence 2012 legalization of backyard hens and we pay tribute to Salem Chickens in the Yard (CITY) group for their help in this effort.

M-I Chicken Coop Tour
Sunday July 14, 2013
10 am to 4 pm  

How the Coop Tour Works One ticket per-vehicle, so load up your family and friends and enjoy the tour. The coop tour is self-guided and the ticket book will lead you to 8 unique coops; each address is included in the book. Take the tour at your own pace. The Home Coop is easy to find and volunteers will be there to answer your questions, and provide additional tour information and demonstrations. Our tour will take you to small farms, backyards, and to a beautiful display nursery that has incorporated chickens.  We hope you will enjoy our cities, beautiful back roads and the places we call home. Thank you for your support.

Tickets: Click here for a list of locations to purchase tickets.  

Dallas: Old Mill Feed & Garden 1313 Main St, Dallas, OR 97338
(503) 831-1222
Independence: Town & County Hardware 1555 Monmouth St, Independence, OR 97351 (503) 838-1255
Independence Riverview Market Saturdays 9 am - 2 pm at the beautiful downtown Riverview Park
Monmouth: Vibrant Pet Styling 597 Jackson St E, Monmouth, OR 97361 (503) 602-0083
Rickreall: Ag West Farm Store 8870 Rickreall Road Rickreall, OR 97371 (503) 623-5000
Salem: Champion Feed Store 5711 Gaffin Rd SE, Salem, OR ‎(503) 585-7140 
Keizer: Cooper Creek Mercantile 4415 River Rd N, Keizer, OR ‎(503) 393-5450 

July 14 10 AM: Same day tickets will be available at 1945 Riddell Road, Dallas, Oregon

M-I Chicken Coop Tour
special events
Saturday July 13, 2013

Free hen keeping class
Saturday July 13 at 11 am

Our favorite Author,
Gretchen Anderson, The Backyard Chicken Fight, will offer a free class at the Independence Riverview Market Backyard Chickens: A Beginner’s Guide to Hen Keeping. This is a popular class and we 
feel very lucky to have Gretchen join our tour!

Saturday July 13, 9 am to 2 pm

The Independence Riverview Market will dedicate the day to sustainable backyard practices, including backyard hens.  Come visit the many local vendors at this lovely spot in the beautiful Riverview Park in downtown Independence.

Join us and celebrate all things chicken!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The M-I Chicken Coop Tour - Sunday July 14, 2013 10 am to 4 pm

Welcome to the M-I Chicken Coop Tour web page!

Join the cities of Monmouth and Independence (M-I), Oregon to celebrate their first anniversary of the legalization of backyard hens in their communities. 

M-I Chicken Coop Tour will be held
Sunday July 14, 2013 10 am to 4 pm. 

Coop Tours are one of the social highlights of the year for backyard chicken enthusiasts. This tour will offer a unique look at coops ranging from backyards to family farms and will include a display nursery that has incorporated chickens into their beautiful setting. The tour is self guided - take your time and enjoy each coop. Ticket prices will be family friendly and will be sold one per vehicle.  

Chicken Coop Tours attract an assortment of regional visitors - some visitors are considering backyard hens and want to learn by example, some are seasoned chicken owners who are looking for fresh ideas, while others are neighbors and friends who support sustainable backyard practices. 

"Coop Tours are a celebration of the culture of sustainability growing in America's backyards."  M-I Chicken Revolution 2013   

Saturday, July 13, 2013 will be filled with chicken events, as well, starting with the Independence Riverview Farmers Market 9 am to 2 pm. They will hold a special market day, focusing on sustainability and urban farming.  M-I Chicken Revolution will be there, selling Coop Tour tickets and answering your questions. There will be coop builders, chicken book authors, artists, our favorite farm stands and a few surprises. Interested vendors please contact Independence Riverview Farmers Market  to reserve your space. 

Join us to celebrate the Polk County bounty with friends and neighbors and friends. Learn about backyard hens, gardens, compost and more!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

M-I Chicken Coop Tour - join the fun!

As of April 6, 2012 - All Coop Host spots have been filled.  Thanks so much for your support!  We can't thank you enough!

M-I Chicken Coop -- Tour Coop Host Application
Tour date:  Sunday July 14, 2013        10 AM to 4 PM
Application Deadline:  April 10, 2013!  Don’t let this date pass you by…

What is a Coop Tour and how does it work: Coop Tours are one of the social highlights of the year for backyard chicken enthusiasts.  The M-I Coop Tour offers a self-guided tour of about 10 coops.  Coop tours attract an assortment of regional visitors.  Visitors tend to be those considering backyard hens and want to learn by example, or are seasoned chicken owners who are looking for fresh ideas. 

This Coop Tour celebrates the recent legalization of backyard hens in Monmouth and Independence Oregon and honors the backyard chicken community in Salem Oregon for providing us help and encouragement during our efforts in 2011 and 2012!  

Ticket books go on sale at the end of April at local feed stores, Independence Riverview Farmers Market and same day tickets will be sold at the tour’s Home Coop.  Ticket books will provide the address and description of each coop, highlight each of our sponsors, and provide information on biosecurity for the visitor.

If you live in Monmouth or Independence Oregon and would like to be a Coop Host on Sunday, July 14, 2013  - we'd love to hear from you. Complete an application and email to  
Click this for your application (PDF)
Click this for your application (Word)